A Dixie Stampede Love Story: Rachel & Jordan

Dixie Stampede Proposal Jordan and Rachel

The Stars Align For Two Dixie Stampede Performers

Each night, Rachel and Jordan get to live out a childhood dream when they perform at Dixie Stampede. Both visited Dixie Stampede as kids and dreamed of one day being in the show. Little did they know, they would later become performers and meet the love of their life at the same time! Theirs is a Dixie Stampede Love Story for the ages!

Dixie Stampede will always be a place that holds their best memories. After performing together and a short courtship, Jordan proposed to Rachel at the show where their love story began.

Here, they talk about their love for Dixie Stampede.


Jordan wears many hats here at Dixie Stampede. In the show, he dances, rides and even lends his hand at trick roping. In addition to his performance roles, he puts in a few hours in the Marketing department.

How long have you been riding horses?
“I have been riding horses since before I could walk. I have been riding at Dixie Stampede for six years.”

Can you remember the first time you came to Dixie Stampede?
“The first time I came to Dixie Stampede I was about three years old. In the pre-show, they used to line up kids on the front of the stage as they sang a particular song, as we were there the singer took off his hat and put it on my head which covered my whole face other than my little smile. Then I was selected to do chicken chase and “chickened out” when it was time to go in the arena. I have always said I had to come back some day and be in the show to redeem myself.”

Why did you want to work at Dixie Stampede?
“I have always loved horses and being on stage and there isn’t a better fit in the world. After all, I met my future wife and proposed to her here in the show, so it has been a wonderful time so far.”


Like Jordan, Rachel entertains audiences from the Dixie Stampede stage in several numbers. Visitors can spot her elegant charm when she dances in the hoedown and square dance and spinning with the Belles. She dons her cowgirl hat to ride in the joust and barrel race. And she is also part of the opening number and the iconic patriotic finale!

How long have you been riding horses at Dixie Stampede?
“I’ve been riding at Dixie Stampede for four years now.”

Can you remember the first time you came to Dixie Stampede?
“My first experience at Dixie Stampede sticks with me to this day. I was eight years old when my parents took me to the Myrtle Beach location (now Pirates Voyage). I was mesmerized by the beautiful girls, the lights and sparkles, and of course the horses. I told my parents I wanted to be one of the riders and they still tease me about it!”


Congratulations to Rachel and Jordan! Everyone at Dixie Stampede would like to wish them the very best!

Photo Credit: A Lifetime Photography

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